(Jochen Seiterle / Michael Bundt)  


I’ll break away
I got bridges to burn
Time to erase the past
A sleeping beauty
was sleeping far too long
Feel like I’ve been torn apart
Tonight I’ll follow my heart


Year of the dragon
The year of the cat
The year of this
And the year of that
The best years of my life
Oh, how I wasted my time


I’ll cut my strings,
future’s on the bound
Can’t live no longer in this one horse town
I’m heading for a strange
and wilder shore
Where life is something more
Than being bored every day
Goodbye to yesterdays


Fast as I can I’ll try to escape
Till I get far I won’t hit the brakes
Out of the darkness into the light
The grass is always greener
on the other side
Got to get out of here
Time is right for a brand new start
Tonight I’ll follow my heart
Tonight I'll follow my heart