(Silke Hauck / Michael Bundt)  


You can’t sleep a wink at night
You’ve learned the truth can hurt
It cuts like a knife
Cause he’s gone, gone, gone
And you’re on your own
Now you cannot help but wonder what’s gone wrong
You didn’t know how far you could go
It was you, who broke a heart in two
With too many lies
So don’t dare to cry


Too late, to want him back again
Too late, it’s much too late
Too late, to cry like pouring rain
You’re gonna lose that man

Too late, no one will ease your pain
Now you’re a lonely girl
You’re such a lonely girl


You would never let him know
But you only fooled yourself
Your eyes said it all
You regret, one by one
All the things you’ve done
But you can’t turn back time to undo what’s been done
There’s no doubt,
you can’t see him now
Get along! A new love’s gettin’ strong
Now you’re out of time
Now this man is mine


Stop your knocking at the door
‘ Cause he won’t come back to you
no more, no, nevermore