(Silke Hauck / Michael Bundt)  


He wolfed down his Bourbon
I nursed a glass of red wine
He listened in silence
I unburdened my mind
Told him ‘bout lovers galore
that I’ve had
" Oh, it’s hard to be a saint”,
I heard him say


"What you’re trying to find
underneath dirty sheets? You see
You are guarding the gate,
‘ cause your heart lost the key
That’s not the way to feel free”


In that magic night
In that night of magic
In that magic night
I found peace of mind
In that magic night


He looked like a scarecrow,
but he was kinda wise
Spoke under his breath ‘bout all the world and his wife
Told him ‘bout things
that went wrong in my past
" Even angels make mistakes”,
I heard him say


The world stopped turning around
for a second or two
When I saw the truth behind lies
in his eyes of deep blue
I was at a loss of what to do