(Silke Hauck / Jochen Seiterle / Michael Bundt)  


Daylight's swallowed by the night time
You are in my mind
Lost in thoughts of times we shared,
when the heat of passion was burning so bright


I have loved you, then I lost you
And I almost lost my mind
In less time it took a tear to fall
You left me behind


Too many drinks and cigarettes
Many that I knew
Tried to drown the time with you
But I still love you after all


Can’t erase the love you gave me all the nights
And I won’t forget how the sparks were flying
When love was young and so strong


Praying for the day you come back
But the day will never come
And I’m still waiting by the phone for your call
But no call at all


I threw coins in a fountain
For a wish to come true
Wish you back before the night is over
Before the dawn breaks through


I have drinks and cigarettes
I can’t count ‘em anymore
There’s only one thing that I know
I do love you after all


And I still don’t know why
Things happen like they do
Moonlight’s streaming through the window
To remind me of you


Too many drinks and cigarettes
I’m sitting here all alone
I know I shouldn’t but I do
Cause I am still, I am still
In love with you after all