(Silke Hauck / Michael Bundt)    


 Moonless summer night
Not a soul in sight
That’s not quite alright
One of us is lonely

Staying here at home
Waiting by the phone
To sleep all alone
Wouldn’t it be a pity?

I thought all the boys
Like to play with toys
So when in Rome do as the Romans do

Sweet-smelling candle lights
Californian wine
The little heart of mine’s
Waiting desperately

Come and feel the heat
Come and feed the beast
Any way you please
Before the night is over

Boy, don’t hesitate
Boy, it’s getting late

Wondrin’ what goes on
I turn the radio on
A stray cat sings a song
Of the lost and lonely

Shall I sit and wait
Shall I weep and cry
Boy I’m wondrin’ why
Why the hesitation

Need you by my side
Need your love tonight
I need you more than any word can say
So don’t hesitate