(Silke Hauck / Jochen Seiterle / Michael Bundt)    


Now you better keep your big mouth shut
I was givin’ all that I got
Till nothing was left worth crying for
Or dying for

I’m much better off being alone
There’s no need to discuss until dawn
I don’t want you to apologize
Why should I?

I won’t cry
Bye bye baby
Say goodbye baby

Should have known it from the very start
You will put the pain right in my heart
I should have known it way ahead of time
But I was blind

Thought I knew you better than I do
All along I played the fool for you
I am close to tears but I won’t cry
The well’s run dry

There ain’t nothing left to say
Today is your independence day
Much too late to save what might have been
I’ll set you free

I will put pins in a voodoo doll
You will get the pain after all
Greetings from my little torn apart
Broken heart