(Silke Hauck / Michael Quast / Michael Bundt)    


I’m kept by thoughts

Of my past
Walkin‘ barefoot through those narrow streets of broken glass

Now my whole world
Seems so unreal
And the air is getting colder, it’s cold enough in here to freeze

Now I need a friend, now I need a helping hand
Somebody who can save me from myself again

But I hope you do not fall in love with me
You can be my angel watching over me
All I need tonight is company
But I hope you do not fall in love with me
A good friend is all that I am looking for
Someone who can turn fear out the door
Don’t ask for more

My house of cards
Is tumbling down
And a young and restless queen of hearts had lost her crown

All hopes and dreams
Fell apart
Many times I fooled the whole world, but I could not fool my heart

All I need tonight is shelter from the storm
And two arms that will keep me warm
A shoulder to lean on
But please don’t get me wrong
Don’t get me wrong