Music: Silke Hauck, Eden Noel / Words: Silke Hauck


When you put your arms around me
I taste your lips so soft and sweet
Feel your heartbeat just surrounds me
Feels like to listen to my favourite melody


I just wanna freeze this moment
Seems like my sweetest dreams come true
There is nothing left I to long for
When you are near I live and breath through you


No one, no one
Could ever take your place
I want you to know
Let me whisper in you ear, let me tell you so


If you ever need someone
If you ever feel alone
Don't forget I'm always there for you
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
If you ever lose you faith
If you ever lose your strength
Don't forget I'm always there for you
I'll make you forget those broken dreams


What a blessing I have found you
We are soulmates there's no doubt
So long I was waiting here for you
I'm a little scared and now I wonder if it shows


When your heart is full of sorrows
I will kiss your fears away
There's a million more tomorrows
Full of magic wonders like today