Music: Silke Hauck, Eden Noel / Words: Michael Bundt


It's hard to believe
In a love at first sight
'Cause the road to Eden has been closed for a long time


It's hard to believe
That I'm starting to feel
And tonight the night seems right to set the lioness free


But is it worth a try?  A chance to win?
Love is a stranger on the outside lookin' in
Do I ever learn what it is all about ?
When love's a stranger deep inside me lookin' out


Almost in love
Such warm and tender feeling's rising from deep inside
Almost in love
There's a rainbow where all dreams and fantasies collide


It's hard to believe
Sometimes love equaled pain
Then I swore I'd never ever fall in love again


It's hard to believe
That I'm not cured after all
But you'll never ever rescue angels from a fall


But is it worth a try?
With less chance to win?
Love's a stanger on the outside lookin' in


I won't think about
Blame it on the night
And on that honey-coloured moon on that velveteen sky


If you understand what I feel tonight
Give me time, a little more time