Music: Silke Hauck, Eden Noel / Words: Silke Hauck


Watch you movin' in
Watch you movin' out
Pack your things and go go
There's no doubt about
I can't live with the lie you live


Baby you had changed
I don't know who's to blame
Love is a precious thing
We've lost in a game
We played too high and now we've lost it all


I just wanna take back my heart
We better stop before I tear apart


Now I'm living my life alone
Living my life alone
Living all my life alone


Looking in your face
A beautiful mistake
I'm taking back my keys you're holding in your hands
I can hardly wait you close the door


Now I'm watching all these empty rooms
Better to be lonely than to be lonesome with you


Don't ask me again to stay

There's really nothing more to say
Words are more than I can take
Try to forget all yesterdays