Music: Silke Hauck, Stefan Hartmann / Words: Michael Bundt


What if I told you
What's inside my mind
Secrets unspoken
Or hidden inside
What if I told you
'Bout my sweet charade
'Bout demons and angels
And more parts I played


What if I travelled with you back in time
Revealing what I did, what I tried to hide
Till I cry my heart out
But you shouldn't know
No No No No No No
You should not know


What if I told you
'Bout things I am through
Would you still love me
If you know all the truth
Would you believe still
In things that I'll do
Would you still trust me
If I'm turning to you


What would you say if
I lay my soul bare
Wouldn't you judge me
So I better take care
What would it be like
Stripped to the bare bones
Wouldn't it be boring
If you know it all