Music: Silke Hauck, Stefan Hartmann / Words: Silke Hauck, Michael Bundt


Ladies leave your men at home
Leave a sign to let them know
Tonite the night to paint the town
Like nothing's to lose


Let's put on our dancing shoes
Tonite we won't obey no rules
Got habits that we just can't lose
We`re gonna let ourselves go


No more sitting bored to death alone at home
We were surely dancing long before we walked
Around and 'round
A sweating crowd
Twirling hips, dressed to kill,
Foreign sounds, what a thrill
That's what we need
That's what we need
Dancing and turning to an arabian beat


Ladies leave your men at home
Take your bodies to the floor
Tonite life will not pass you by
If you dare to try


Ladies push your fears aside
Having fun it ain't no crime
Dancing till the morning light
Tonight's ladies night