Music: Silke Hauck, Eden Noel / Words: Michael Bundt


There were eyes that shined
When it all started with an innocent smile
Made me feel alive
That fatefully night i saw you for the first time


Well, it's long time ago
You walked out on me
Since that sad day
You went away
But I can't stop thinking 'bout yesterday


If I could
Turn back time
I would trade a lifetime for one more night
I remember
Someone said
That all good things come to those who wait
In patience


Hate that silver train
That took you one misty morning so far away
But I know for sure
One day it will bring you back to me again


Nothing ventured, nothing gained
That's why I prefer to wait
For a good day
A perfect day
For a day I see your pretty smiling face again


How can I feel love
Want to get back what I've lost
Want you back, babe,